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Special Services - Task Force

Be it in any phase of your project, during studies, sourcing or project execution phases, you may call upon us. We will select a handpicked team, a task force of our most senior qualified and seasoned experts, adapted to serve your needs at question. Be it advisory services, sourcing, audits, assessments, 3PT verfifications or due dilligence.

Our key and senior personnel are all seasoned specialists / experts, representing more than 30 years' combined experience from the Asian ship building and oil & gas industries, in addition to their international background. Our senior advisors are ready within on short notice for clients.
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Construction Plans

Staffing & Recruitment

Project, site and construction management

Project management is one of our fundamental competencies and we deliver the best local solutions for project owners. Our track record serves as a testament to cost-effective, high quality and on time project delivieries.

We take care of all the necessary administrative tasks such as workers visas, accomodation and insurance. We also employ tailor-made solutions for organizing staff on and off site, project execution & organization, construction methodology, project & site management.

The procedures we've refined over the past 14 years have proven to deliver cost-effective and high quality services to our customers, while maintaining HSE as our first priority.


Shanghai Offshore delivers the competanse that you need for your projects. We have developed refined procedures and built vast networks that we employ to serve a variety of industries with multidisciplinary staff and services of the highest standard. By hiring multidisciplinary expertise, our customers are able to shave off expenses without compromising quality.

Preconstruction & production

We can assist you in project planning, site supervision, site management as well as finding the best suited shipyards, factories, suppliers and staff according to your needs. Shanghai Offshore's collective knowldge and experience in Asia ensures that your project gets finished on time, within budget and according to the highest standards of quality.

Our expertize is your advantage.

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Shanghai Offshore Group was founded in 2007 and has since then been heavily involved in project & site management, staffing, auditing of manufacturers & shipyards, comissioning, seatrail and more. After operating in Asia for more than 12 years, we are confident that our knowledge and experience with local conditions, customs, rules and regulations allow us to provide world class service to our customers.

Since Shanghai Offshore's inception our goal has been to cultivate expertise, quality and service in order to be the obvious choice for our customers. With our extensive profesional network, expertize and experience, we're able to ensure our customers the best product at competitive prices. A heavy focus on multidisciplinary personal and cost-effective local solutions allow us to maximize the quality of our services, while keeping costs low.

After working on many large and small scale projects, our track record serves as a testament to our ability to deliver top quality products, within budget and on time.

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